The Look of Carman Miranda

Carman Miranda

words by Rochelle

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in my bathroom at 9 in the morning, with neighbor and fabulous chalk artist, Joan Finn. She twisted my arm (not very hard though) to help recreate the look of the imfamous Carman Miranda, in preparation for her next art project, in which I would be her model. It took us about 15 minutes, safety pinning fake fruit and flowers to a turban wrapped around my head. Once the fruit turban was complete, I dressed my eyebrows with black eyeliner and topped off my lips with bright red lipstick. Then we headed outside for a photo shoot where I battled the sun in my eyes, and got a kick out of Joan’s shrill laugh during fun and inspirational conversation.

me, in one of our silly shots

After the photo shoot, Joan informed me she was going to photoshop her choice image by adding in more fruit and perhaps other accessories. So really, at this point, I have no idea what the final product is going to look like, but I do know that it’s going to end up as a large scale chalk art piece.

Because viewing live chalk art performance is random, everyone needs to know that Joan’s latest project is due to occur very close to Kansas City this upcoming weekend at the 2012 Liberty Arts Squared Festival, located in the historic downtown of Liberty, MO. (Parking and admission is free.) The dates and hours of this event are FRIDAY NIGHT- JUNE 1st from 5 pm- 10 pm, and SATURDAY- JUNE 2nd from 9 am- 4 pm.

Joan Finn will just so happen to be at the festival throughout the day on Saturday, June 2nd, creating a chalk art performance piece.  You can view some of Joan’s work from past festivals and events at Not only should you stop by to see her talent in action, but you should also engage in conversation with her- say something that will make her laugh. Joan’s laughter is full of life, not too much different from what she puts into her art. Highly memorable.

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