A Flower Social

These pretty little thangs just made their exit to the Kemper Museum shop, but due to their popularity there, and due to the recent commission of a dozen stem bouquet….I decided to run a a special sale, out of my studio, for a “dozen roses”.

paper flowers

Knowing that a single keepsake rose can cost anywhere from $3-$6, and a dozen roses can cost up to $30+, I think this is a wonderful deal.  For the price of $36, I will give you a bouquet of 12 handmade paper flowers- in any of the three sizes I offer: bitty, small, and medium. Feel free to choose all one size or assorted. And because they are all made of repurposed magazines or comic books, you can even assure yourself that you are not only making a unique purchase but an environmental one as well.

paper flowers

That’s $3 a stem, below the cost of buying them individually in other venues I sell them.

And here’s another great deal!!!  I’ll even deliver them, in a repurposed glass bottle or interesting thrift store vase, within the KC metro area for $5 extra. (Sorry, the vase in image is mine.) Or your welcome to hand select each stem at my studio in Hyde Park- Kansas City, MO, and I’ll wrap them in tissue for you. 

paper flowers

I don’t have these listed in my Etsy shop due to the fact they are a hard item to ship.  Haven’t figured that one out…yet. But it can be done. No matter, if you are interested in the purchase of a dozen handmade flowers, please contact me here, where we can finalize all details.


Although I prefer cash, I will also gladly accept debit or credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.

*Sorry, but I do not accept checks.

Luminous Flux

luminous flux

luminous flux

I’ve been told not to get too attached to my work, but this is one of my favorite pieces of late….and I don’t know if I will be able to sell her…. allow someone else to retain her.  Yet, I don’t think I will have room in my house to hang this beauty- “oh the problems I have to resolve.” I am currently working on her sister piece “Illuminous”…so perhaps I will try to sell them as a pair in a future gallery show, which I believe is secured for April at Elegant Miss Gallery on 18th and Wyandotte in Kansas City. More news about that later- it is only January, you know.


“Luminous Flux” is actually the fiber piece I promised to share with you here after the opening at the Kemper Museum East building, which is still exhibiting in the Kemper Museum “Inside Out” show until February. I gave you the teasers….and well, here she is. Created from layers of Procion MX dyes, appliqué, and embroidery. I am proud to say I gave birth to her.

See the work in progress and details of this piece in my Flickr album.

Also, check out my new facebook page @ www.facebook.com/RRBrickner

“Inside Out” Art Show

Waah- It’s really quite disappointing that the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art doesn’t have a better marketing scheme to announce the upcoming employee exhibition, “Inside Out”. In fact, the only “Inside Out” exhibition announcement I found amidst any sort of calendar on the website is from 2009. I was told an announcement about the exhibition will go out in an email blast, but I have no idea to whom…..and I was hoping for some web invite/ announcement that I could easily pass on to all my friends. Yes, all my hubbub is because I have a piece in this show. From my perspective, through all the people I associate with, rarely anyone ever hears about this annual exhibition…..and this is coming from fellow artists who frequent the Kemper Museum. (yes, I would love some cheese with my whine.)

What better time to inform and invite you now……that as of Friday, December 14th.2012, the “Inside Out” art show will be open to the public and viewable at the Kemper East building located at 200 East 44th Street, KCMO (directly across the street from KCAI’s outdoor sculpture work area). The exhibition showcases all the fabulous artists who work at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. There isn’t an official opening reception for  public attendance because the opening reception couples as our holiday gathering exclusively for employees. But for those who would like to see this show, hours of operation are Tuesday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.


Kemper East Building (without the sculpture now currently on lawn)

Being a part of this exhibition, as well as viewing it, is quite a unique experience. I don’t know of any other museums who offer such an opportunity which allows the public to become more engaged with the people they see silently guarding art in the museum, serving food in the cafe, or selling items in the museum shop; and also with the people they might not see who are curating and/ or installing upcoming exhibitions for the museum, and those keeping the museum alive with free programing.

I want to give you a teaser, but not directly “show and tell” which piece I submitted. So I will leave you with some work in progress (WIP) images of textiles I’ve been working on for the past couple of months, using screen-printing, dye painting, color discharge and resist dyeing techniques. Later, I will show you the finished product of each one.


100% cotton: screen-printed and painted with dye


100% cotton: dye resist, color discharge, and dye painted


100% cotton: dye resist, color discharge, and dye painted